If you are in the market for a new vehicle, make sure that you are keeping an eye out for a vehicle that has a few cutting-edge car features. There have been a lot of advances in the types of features that your new vehicle can be equipped with. Purchasing a car with cutting edge features now is the best way to have a car that feels brand new ten years down the road when those features are just making their way to the rest of the market.

#1 Advanced Dashboards

Long gone are the days of having simple dials on your dashboard that provided you with information on how fast you were going, how hot your car was and how many revolutions per minutes your vehicle was operating at.

The newest vehicles have advanced dashboards that are designed to allow you to custom the layout. These dashboards are fully digital panels that provide you with information in full color. To top it off, you can custom the dashboard to provide you with the most important information.

That means you can put your GPS on your dashboard as well as your gas gauge and speedometer. You can change the different gauges that you have displayed so that you are only seeing the information that you want to see on your dashboard how you want to see it. For too long, dashboards have been a one size fits all situation, and now they are finally reaching the point where they can be customized to fit your driving experience.

#2 Video Rear View Mirror

Rear view mirrors are very functional inventions. However, if you have someone sitting in your backseat or you are carrying a lot of cargo with you, your rear view mirror is probably not doing you a lot of good. As a mirror, your review mirror can't see past your passengers head or past that pile of soccer balls in your back seat.

A video rear view mirror means that instead of relying on a mirror to let you know who is behind you, you can rely on a a video feed instead. The video is set up at the rear exterior of your car, and is channeled to your rear-view mirror, providing you with real, in-time feedback about who is behind you that is completely accurate and is not blocked by an extra passenger in your backseat.

The best part is that you can turn the video feed on and off, so if you can use your rear-view mirror in the traditional way when you want to, and use the video feed when you really need it.

#3 LED Highlights

The headlights on most vehicles don't really provide you with that much light. If you want lights that are going to really help you see at night, you are going to want to look for a vehicle that uses LED clusters to produce a beam that is focused and bright without using a lot of energy.

Also, look for headlights that are adaptive. Adaptive headlights are able to turn in the direction you turn your vehicle, allow you to better see where you are going when you are driving around corners and on curvy clothing.

When you purchase your next vehicle, make sure that it has a few cutting edge features that will make your vehicle stand out a decade from now. Contact a dealer, like Saginaw Valley Ford Lincoln, for more help.