Whether you are a Ford enthusiast or have no real commitment to any make or model of vehicle, when you buy a new or used car, you should focus on what is best for you. Your vehicle shopping needs can be met at your local auto dealership and you can buy either a brand-new car, a gently used, certified pre-owned vehicle, or a very used vehicle that still has lots of life left.

The reality is this: cars depreciate with time, so the investment is really about what you want in a car. You can buy brand-new Ford vehicles or other brands of vehicles so you can take advantage of the modern features and technologies in these cars. Or, you can enjoy more classically-designed cars and save some money at the same time. It's up to you, but if you're on the fence about your choices, this guide can help you out.

How long do you want to own your car?

If you want to have a car that you can drive while you raise your children, buying brand-new or very gently used is best. The age and quality of the vehicle will determine how long it lasts, and you're most likely going to get the most out of your investment when you buy new. What makes a new car even better is that by the time it's an older vehicle, you can pass it on to other driving members of the family while you go in search of a new Ford or another vehicle you enjoy.

However, if you want to own your car for just a few years until you're ready for an upgrade, a used vehicle of your choice is ideal. This way, you can spend less on a car and have lower monthly payments, allowing you to save money for buying a newer car with time.

What is your car to be used for?

Do you need an in-town car only to get your kids to school and to run errands? Do you need a commuter car that can save you money on gas and get you reliably to work and home or to school and home? Your vehicle choice will greatly be impacted by what you want to use your vehicle for; your auto dealer will help you pick either a new or used car for your needs and you can feel great about your decision in the end. Choose a budget and start vehicle shopping today.