If you've been driving a car for a period of time and have recently felt as though your family has outgrown it, it may be time to begin visiting some local vehicle dealerships to look for a new vehicle. When people want something larger than a car, they often think about SUVs and pickup trucks. Both of these vehicles are available in many models, and a dealership visit will give you a chance to view them, sit in them, and take them for test drives. While there are advantages of both types, you may find that an SUV is a better option for your family because of these reasons.

More Seating Capacity

Although there are some pickup truck models that offer a decent amount of seating capacity, you'll always find that an SUV will allow you to carry more people. Think about not only the size of your immediate family but also your extended family. For example, if you would enjoy taking a day trip or vacation with your family and your nieces and nephews, you'll need a lot of seating capacity. An SUV has three rows of seating, which can allow you to carry several passengers in comfort.

Covered Storage

While lots of pickup trucks have more rear storage than SUVs, you may like how the storage space in the latter type of vehicle is covered. For example, if you were to buy a pickup truck, you might feel reluctant to carry certain things in the bed of the vehicle over concerns of them getting wet in the rain, blowing out on the highway, or perhaps even being stolen. The rear of an SUV can be surprisingly spacious when you fold the rear seats down, giving you a covered storage area for all sorts of things.

Shorter Length

SUVs and pickup trucks vary in length, but it's common to find that the former type of vehicle is shorter in length than the latter. This is especially true if you're considering a pickup truck that has four doors and a long bed. A lot of people find that the shorter length of an SUV is handy. Not only will it fit more easily in a driveway that isn't very long, but it can make sharper turns — something that is handy if you park your vehicle in a cramped garage at your place of work. For more info about new vehicles, contact a local dealership.