Whether you own a summer camp, day care center, or are the transportation manager of a school district, at some point, you will most likely need to purchase a bus. While there are many pros to buying a new bus, most people find that the price is high and out of budget. Luckily, purchasing a quality used bus is a good option in many situations. If you're interested in buying a used bus, use the following tips:

Know the History of the Bus

Before investing money in the purchase of a used bus, take the time to discover as much as you can about it. Start by looking at the mileage and request service records. Being able to review the service records for a bus will give you a good idea of how well the bus has been taken care of, which can make a difference in how long the bus will run properly.

Consider the Body of the Bus

A bus is a large vehicle, so it is important to do a careful visual inspection prior to purchase. Examine the exterior of the bus to look for signs of damage or rust. The presence of rust on the body or the frame of the bus can indicate a major problem-- you may want to avoid a bus that has significant rust on the frame. Look at all of the seats on the bus and make sure that the majority of the seats are in good condition.

Schedule and Inspection

Buying a used bus is much like buying any type of used vehicle-- it is always in your best interest to hire a mechanic to do a thorough inspection before you sign anything or exchange money. Ideally, you should hire a mechanic who is experienced in working on and repairing buses. Investing in the services of a mechanic can help ensure that you won't waste your money on a used bus that is on its last legs or will need a lot of expensive repairs in the near future.

Invest in an Extended Warranty

One of the major benefits of purchasing a new bus is the fact that it is under warranty. But, many people do not know that you can purchase an extended warranty when you buy a used bus. An extended warranty on a used bus typically costs several hundred dollars, but it is usually money well spent and provides the peace of mind of knowing that the extended warranty will cover the cost of repairs if problems arise. 

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