If you are in the market for a new vehicle, make sure that you purchase a vehicle that is equipped with the right high tech features.

Automatic Phone Pairing

In many states, it is now not legal to operate your phone when you are driving your vehicle. You have to use handless devices in order to use your phone when you are driving. If you want to be able to use your phone when you are driving, you want a car that allows you to pair your phone with your car.

When you pair your phone with your car, you can use voice commands or steering wheel controls in order to operate your phone. When phone calls come in, you will be able to answer them and hear the caller through the speakers in your car. With more advanced set-ups, you will even be able to reply orally to text messages as well.

If you have a music collection stored on your phone, make sure that you can access your phone's music collection and play it on the speakers. That way, you can enjoy your music collection on the go.

Built-In GPS

Although you can use the GPS on your smart phone, it costs a lot of date to use the GPS on your smartphone. That is why a car that has a built-in GPS unit is still so useful. With a built-in GPS unit, you will have a screen that displays the GPS built into your vehicle. This screen may be where the controls for your car, such as the gas and mileage, as typically displayed or it may be located where the radio and stereo controls are typically located.

With a built-in GPS, you never have to worry about your smart phone's battery dying or plugging in a GPS unit to keep it charged. Whenever you get into your vehicle, you will always have help getting to your destination.

Back-Up Camera

Finally, look for a vehicle that has a back-up camera. Back-up cameras are great because they allow you to fully see behind you, blind spots and all. A back-up camera can help keep you and your vehicle safe. It is a small safety feature that can make all the difference in keeping you safe.

When checking out vehicles, like pre-owned Fords, for sale, make sure that it comes equipped with technology you need to use your vehicle in a comfortable and safe manner, such as Bluetooth phone pairing, integrated GPS and a back-up camera.