You're in the market to buy your first new car, which is a great financial gain. The average person drives over nine cars in their life, which means you've likely gone through a few used vehicles before buying a new one of your own.

There are several types of vehicles on the market to choose from, so you have to pay attention to more than just the sticker price when exploring new vehicles for sale in your area. Use this guide to help you make the best decision for your car-buying adventure. When looking at new cars for sale, consider the following things.

Gas mileage

Of all the ways your car can bring value to you, great gas mileage is likely to be among the best of them. Cars depreciate with time rather than appreciate, so you want to buy something that will be gas-efficient so you can save money on fuel throughout the ownership of your new car. Aim for a vehicle that has a smaller engine or that is a hybrid so you can get more miles per gallon for the vehicle you buy.


More vehicles are designed with technology in mind, and if you invest in a vehicle that has many technology advances like Bluetooth tech, high-quality sound systems, modern safety features, or back-up or parking assistance, you will be able to get more out of your new vehicle and get more for your investment. You can also have some of the technological features you desire added to your new car as an add-on if these features don't come standard on the vehicles available to you.


Select a car that has wide availability. Foreign and luxury cars often carry a more luxurious price tag, and even if you can afford them, keep in mind that finding mechanics and parts for these less-available vehicles can be harder than if you were to select a car that is more widely sold. You can always upgrade to a more exclusive car if you wish, but when you buy a new vehicle for the first time, sticking to well-known, reliable, and affordable vehicles can make your experience most enjoyable.

Your auto dealer will help you narrow down your car options based on what features you want to have in your new car. Test drive any vehicle you're considering before purchasing so you know you're comfortable behind the wheel. You can also compare vehicles and their gas mileage online when looking at vehicles.