If you are in the market for a new vehicle, it is important to consider the features you most want your vehicle to have. Here are seven car features that are popular with new vehicle buyers that you may consider getting on your next vehicle.

Popular Car Feature #1: Leather Seats

For years, leather seats have been a popular car feature. Leather seats are a popular feature not only because they make your vehicle look higher-end but because they handle the wear and tear incredibly well. Leather seats are easy to keep clean and don't wear down the same way cloth-upholstered seats do. Leather seats offer both style and function and are usually worth paying for.

Popular Car Feature #2: Sunroof

A sunroof, or moonroof, is another popular car feature. A sunroof can allow sunlight into your car if you want a little more light. Your passengers can look upward when seated in your car. Additionally, you can generally tilt or roll back your sunroof, allowing for additional ventilation in your vehicle.

Popular Car Feature #3: Heated Seats

Heated seats have gone from fringe features to a must-have car feature. Heated seats make sitting in your vehicle a lot more comfortable during the wintertime and can make it more comfortable throughout the year as well. If you value your comfort, consider heated seats.

Popular Car Feature #4: Backup Camera

A backup camera allows you to see behind you when you back up. With a backup camera, you can eliminate blind spots and ensure you can safely back up without hitting another vehicle, object, or person. A backup camera is an essential safety feature if you are purchasing a new vehicle.

Popular Car Feature #5: Navigation System 

Although smartphones come with navigation apps, you have to use up your data to use the navigation app on your smartphone. Navigation systems are known to consume a lot of data and battery life, which is why it can be so nice to have a navigation system in your vehicle. With an in-vehicle navigation system, you don't have to use your phone's data or battery to get directions. An in-vehicle navigation screen will also have a big screen that is easy for you to see and use.

Popular Car Feature #6: Bluetooth

Most states now have laws on the books that prohibit the handling of your phone when driving, which is why a car with Bluetooth is essential. With Bluetooth, you can connect your phone to your vehicle, allowing you to use your phone hands-free while driving.

Popular Car Feature #7: Remote Start

Being able to start your vehicle remotely is a very nice feature. You can turn on your vehicle with a remote start before you go outside, allowing you to cool off or warm up your vehicle before you get inside.

When it comes to purchasing a new car, it is important to think about the features you value and what is worth paying for. It is also important to think about what other people will like if you plan on only keeping the vehicle for a few years before reselling it.

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