When looking for a particular car or truck that you want to purchase, it can take a lot of time to locate the vehicle and often some contacts and resources you might not have. Working with an auto broker to help you locate the car and secure the sale is usually an excellent option that will save you time and frustration. 

Independent Auto Brokers

An independent auto broker is a person that helps people find and secure unique or specific cars or trucks from where they might be hiding. Sometimes the broker is looking for vehicles in top condition, and other times, they may be interested in restored or restorable vehicles. The choice is up to the buyer, and the broker will follow their direction. 

Locating unique cars or trucks can be tricky, and the broker will often have contact and a network of people that have some knowledge of the car scene in different parts of the country or even the world. Once the vehicle is located, the auto broker will go and look at it, determine the value, and make an offer on the vehicle on behalf of the buyer. 

In some situations, the buyer will want to see the car before any offer is made, and the car broker can email pictures or have the buyer travel to the location of the vehicle to see it in person. The buyer will make the choice and then authorize the broke to begin to negotiate on the car or truck. Often the broker is given a maximum amount they can spend on the vehicle by the buyer, and if they can not get the vehicle for that amount, they will need to keep looking. 

Shipping The Vehicle

Once the auto broker finds and secures a vehicle for their buyer, they will make arrangements to get the vehicle to them. The simplest solution is to ship the vehicle by truck from the location to the client's home or business.

The vehicle will need to be picked up on one end and delivered on the other, and depending on the distance it needs to travel, the car broker may be at both places when that happens. Once the vehicle is delivered, the broker will be paid their fee, which often includes expenses, a finder fee, and travel fees.

The costs can add up if your broker spends a long time looking for your unique or particular vehicle. Still, for a car collector, or someone who restores and resells cars or trucks, the broker is often well worth the cost and could be the only way to find that unique and elusive vehicle you have wanted for years.